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    The joy of spring

      Herb gardens in Irschen

      The herb village in scent and colour from apple mint to Zitronenmelisse (lemon balm). The many interactive herbal stations in the herb village of Irschen demonstrate that herbs don´t only play an important role in natural medicine and healthy nutrition.

      Herbs and wild plants have a long tradition in the Irschen herb village. The southern (sunny) aspect and terraced location of the village and the steep, dry mountain meadows with the south Alpine climate form the the basis for the cultivation of herbs and the presence of numerous wild herbs.

      About 20 years ago the inhabitants of the small mountain village decided to pass on to future generations the knowledge and experience of their grandparents. Since then, the knowledge about the diverse uses and processing of herbs and medicinal plants is passed on to visitors and guests of the herb village in guided tours, seminars and lectures. In the past 20 years a variety of interesting gardening and herb displays have emerged in Irschen. In several small production facilities tasty, fragrant and healing plants are processed into aromatic and healthy stimulants or beneficial health products. These specialties are presented in the Pfarrstadel House of Herbs and offered for sale.

      On walks and hikes through the Irschen herb village one can experience the fragrance and colours of the herbs. A holiday in sunny Irschen is a journey into the colourful world of herbs and alpine flowers and an experience for all senses.


      Kräuterdorf Irschen
      9773 Irschen
      Tel.: +43 4710 2377-2

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